Coronavirus COVID-19 Preparedness

As part of Raland Compliance Partners’ commitment to our trusted clients and partners, we are taking the current situation regarding COVID-19 very seriously.

We are monitoring the advent of new cases across the United States and ROW, and are implementing a policy to reduce potential exposure to this virus.

To this end, RCP will make every effort to follow Client policies and procedure as it pertains to safety measures for travel and onsite support of projects/services.

In addition, RCP will reduce our risk by limiting travel via public transportation, and follow all recommended safety measures necessary to limit the potential of exposure, including:

  • Reduction in non-critical travel
  • Continue and expand virtual support of meetings and other activities as appropriate via conference call and web meetings
  • For RCP associates working on-site, RCP continues full support of Client safety measures, and as circumstances dictate, initiating and enforcing more stringent measures, for example:
    • All personnel who fall ill should call their immediate supervisor and advise them that they will not be coming into the office or facility and keep them apprised of their situation regarding returning to the office or facility.
    • If an associate does fall ill and cannot perform onsite activities, we will work with the Client to identify and initiate one or more of the following options:
      • Move the associate to a remote work option
      • Replace the individual with an appropriately qualified person
      • Suspend the work as reasonable
    • For Clients requiring RCP employees to work onsite in healthcare locations, RCP will work with Clients to follow standards and practices adapted by the Client and offer additional services of Video Remote Interpreting and/or Over the Phone Interpreting support if needed.

It is our intent to ensure that all of our associates and Client partners are not put at unnecessary risk of exposure to COVID-19.